Django TestCase Comedy

Here's a little snippet that'll entertain the vast throngs of people who are interested in both Rock Paper Scissors strategy and Django unit testing.

def test_desperate_futility_of_avalanche(self):
        for futile_attempt in range(100):
        self.failUnlessEqual(self.normal_game.result(), UNRESOLVED)

For the uninitiated:

A Simple Stack Overflow-Style Badge Framework for PHP

badgesI'm pretty infatuated with Stack Overflow's badge system, so I decided to cook up a generic framework for adding one to my crossword site. Herein I will present my work in progress for the consumption of my dear readers.

The storage of these badge-awarding rules seemed interesting to me. It'd have to be flexible enough to take data from any part of the site related to a user, and not be a hassle to add new badges or check a user's list of acquired badges. I haven't put the caching in yet, which would form the basis for making awarded badges permanent, instead of calculated on the fly, but it's still pretty fun to work with.

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On Writing a Simple Google Wave TODO List

Screen shotGoogle Wave has been accused of being a way to make people feel like how older people feel when they use the internet. I definitely found this to be true during my first couple of weeks using the platform. The volume of stimuli received even in a three-person wave can be pretty overwhelming.

I figured that I'd need to write a little Wave gadget before I actually grokked the platform. I figured that a to-do list would be somewhat useful and fairly simple to code up. I built this thing up one day on my lunch break.

Here's a link to the gadget for your consumption.  I've started a public wave for feature requests and discussion and such.
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