Sensing Magnetic Fields in Android in Very Few Lines!

Overcome with gadget lust, I picked up a HTC Dream from rogers. I had fully expected to need to unlock, root, resolder or otherwise hack this thing to pieces before it could do anything interesting. I was wrong. So wrong.

I'll gush more over the particulars of the phone dreaminess in another post, I hope. It can pretty much do anything I do on my laptop, except with exponentially higher rates of thumb cramping. But I digress. There are magnetic fields to sense.
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An Interesting CSS Hover Effect

I cooked up what I believe is an interesting little CSS effect which you can see on my home page.  After having a delightful time playing with text-shadows in an unconstrained environment, I wanted to see how far CSS selectors would go.

The effect reveals some descriptive text when a link is hovered, all purely CSSey.

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